Thomas Albohm

Thomas Albohm

Bespoke Web Design Studio

Bespoke Web Design Studio

We are a London based Web Design Studio creating bespoke, simple and functional websites to help you build your brand. We focus on the design, user needs and the relationship between you and your customers to deliver creative solutions.

Our Clients

come in many different shapes and sizes with very different needs and goals across industries, from startups to grown companies, from fashion and professional services to organisations and charities.

We offer:

Design consultation

Talking to you, we learn about you, your business and your customers to help you develop your brand, identity and design requirements.

Web design

Working with you, we design a bespoke, user-centred (UX) website for you reflecting your business and personality including your social media activities.

Web development

Based on the agreed design and your requirements, we hand-build your website using a robust and suitable platform with optional Content Management System.


You might be selling products and accept card payments from buying customers. We can build you everything you need to run a successful online store.


Your website is designed and developed with search engines in mind. We incorporate SEO techniques from the very beginning to ensure the best visibility possible.

Privacy compliance advice

If your website will collect usage and/or personal data we can assist you complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Ongoing Support

Managing your website, emails, domain and web hosting including a full backup off-site are free for the first month. Thereafter this service is available for a small monthly fee.

Design for print

Additionally, we can also design digital assets for print, business cards, leaflets, catalogues, brochures, consistent with your website for you.

Editing audio and video

You might require audio and video footage to be a part of your website. We offer editing, post-production and website optimising for audio and video.