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Thomas Albohm
Web Designer

Consulting Designing Building

Bespoke Web Design and Build

I am a freelance Web Designer based in East London.
I create simple and functional websites and help you build your brand.
I focus on the design and the relationship with clients to deliver creative solutions for their needs.


I love making websites that are simple, clean, aesthetically pleasing, functional, user friendly, but above all your personal message needs to be conveyed precisely and accurately. I think a good website should talk to people, giving information in a very short time, that works on multiple devices and reflects your personality. I believe that information communicated should be quality and graphic. We now live in an immensely visual world and it’s important to tell our stories in the most effective way, where users are immersed, wanting to return for more information and indulgence.

I love meeting new people hearing their stories, learning and understanding their businesses and creating a digital platform, which becomes an extension of their character. The website inevitably becomes your window to communicate to your specific audience, but to speak to the world of what you can offer as a creative individual, young business, entrepreneur or organisation. I like being philosophical when I make websites, but it’s also about being on the money! Your website needs to have functions that enable you to grow whether it be an e-commerce section or a blog which constantly sells and promotes your product and services.

The people I have worked with include artists, photographers, stylists, cafes, artisans, promoters, consultants, therapists, organisations and charities. I indeed thrive on diversity and challenge, and am very open to creating websites for different genres of professions. Always remember in every case it is your message and vision, catering to your individual needs; that is the most important thing that needs to be communicated to the global world. All my websites are handcrafted and tailor made with a lot of thought, research, design and creativity to fulfil your particular and individual needs. I am approachable and accessible and diligently work on a one-to-one basis. However, I have also successfully designed websites for overseas clients, ensuring the best ways of communication at all times. My prices are competitive and worth spending as I offer a unique, well designed beautifully created web presence that will stand out amongst generic ‘homemade’ ‘DIY’ websites.

On a personal note my interests in lie in Science & Technology, Mid-century modern, contemporary art, design, farmers markets, driving to the countryside, travelling to exotic places – my favourite is Sri Lanka, and being outdoors whenever I get a chance.


Latest Projects

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J P Hol


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Music Composer

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Dr. Aaron Balick

Author, Speaker & Psychotherapist

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Gregory Tingay

Bespoke Pottery Artist

julia bueno

Helen George

Telephone Counsellor

ross emerson

Ross Emerson

Leadership Coach

nikos stavlas

Nikos Stavlas




Mindful Awareness


The Chilli Pig

Artisan Condiments

david hawkins

David Hawkins

Stylist & Costume Designer

hormazd narielwalla

Hormazd Narielwalla



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