How much does a bespoke website cost?

‘It depends’.

Without details of a specification, it is very difficult for us to give an exact price. You’re paying for our time, knowledge and skills when we build a website for you. We’ve been building sites since 2009. Our work is bespoke and custom-built to meet your objectives. Each website is different but some general prices are shown below.

A brochure-style website

A brochure-style website – from £800.
It includes consultation, a bespoke and responsive design, SEO and development using either hand-coded HTML or a WordPress content management system with a custom theme.

An e-commerce site

An e-commerce site – from £1,600.
It includes consultation, a bespoke and responsive design, SEO and development using a WordPress content management system with a custom theme.

Domain names – £12.50 per year.
.com – £17.50 per year.

Other domain extensions on request.

Web hosting

A brochure-style website – £10 per month.
An e-commerce site – £20 per month.

Our web hosting is shared between clients and has guidelines for fair use in order to ensure a safe, secure and reliable hosting environment for everybody. We use the same hosting for our website.

What’s Included?

  • Up to 15 GB of data transfer per month (this is enough for 99% of websites).
  • Up to 5 GB web space (this is the space provided for your website files and email user accounts).
  • Email accounts with anti-virus scanning and spam filtering available as options.
  • Most hosting accounts are set-up and ready to use within 24 hours.
  • The hosting is suitable for WordPress.
  • The hosting is Linux-based.

Your budget matters!

We will always try to find a way to help you with your budget. That doesn’t mean cutting corners, it simply means providing solutions in the shortest possible time that maximises your returns.

What about maintenance and support, content updates
and producing other digital/print assets?

Once a project is completed, clients will often ask if they can retain our services on an ongoing basis. This can be anything from regular WordPress maintenance, backing up your website’s database and hosted files to regular content updates and be producing other digital/print assets.

Managing your website and email accounts including a full backup is free for the first month after launch. Thereafter from time to time, your website’s HTML, theme, plugins and WordPress version will require updating. Updates typically happen when security patches or extra functionality is released. It’s good practice to keep your website updated to the latest versions. The top two reasons for sites being hacked are insecure passwords and outdated, vulnerable software.

Maintaining your website and keeping a backup off-site start from as little as £5.85 a month. You may also want to update your website with content on a regular basis or require the production of additional digital/print assets.

We offer long-term, retainer-based support for all clients. Usually, this support is tailored to your requirements with an agreed budget and a minimum commitment of 3 months. If you prefer to receive support without undertaking a contract, our pay-as-you-go rate is £40/hour or £300/day.

You may wish to use a Debit/Credit Card to purchase a fixed-term support package. Below are 2 bundles available to choose from.