There is a noticeable shift in messaging from businesses who are recognising the importance of responding to customers’ needs very differently than two months ago. Business processes and marketing during COVID have changed in subtle, and not so subtle ways. I will continue to be here for you, and together we’ll get through this.

Communicate fluid changes with customers and prospects while cutting through the noise

  • Create graphics for your business. I can create graphics to use on social media and posters to hang in your storefront to let customers know how and when you’re open.
  • Postal mail! While this solution takes a step back from technology, it makes a lot of sense to reach out to customers, prospects, and partners via mail delivered to homes and remote work sites. Send notes of encouragement to continue building relationships while people distance themselves and work remotely.
  • Use your email marketing in concise ways, such as using your lists to correspond only with those who may need updates on a certain product or service. Keep messages as short and clear as possible, and always include a call-to-action. What do you want people to do next? How can they best contact you right now?
  • People have so many questions. Use your FAQ to answer what you can as authentically and transparently as possible. It provides the reassurance people need. If necessary, make your FAQ page more prominent and easier to find. Reference it in your correspondence and update it frequently.
  • If email marketing is something you’ve been considering, now is a good time to get set up. Constant Contact and MailChimp are two established solutions I have worked with for a number of years. If you’re interested in more in-depth automated marketing solutions and the incredible ways this solution can make your life easier and solve problems for your customers.
  • Social media is a great place to connect a little more personal with your clients right now and engage in meaningful conversations. Your customers and prospects have more time right now to research, explore, and reach out to brands they love or want to get to know better. Try to be consistent with social media posts, tailor your posts to the channel and audience, and be as present as possible. Don’t post and leave.
  • Quite a few companies are finding text messaging their clients to be a fast and effective way to communicate with people and cut through the noise. I can help you find a solution to meet your needs.
  • Update your events calendar or other time-sensitive places on your website. If your events have changed dates or moved to a digital format, make your customers aware. They have lots of questions right now. If you don’t have an events calendar on your website, it might make sense to add one; it can be easily updated and link to additional information on your website.
  • Update your Google My Business listing. Google has said that updates you make may have a delay, but it’s still important to submit correct information as necessary.

Keep your business active and in front of your customers

  • Ask your team for their ideas and insight on how you might adapt and change right now. They’re a wealth of information from the inside of your business, as well as your customers. Ask how you can meet their needs right now.
  • If ever there was a time to communicate messages to your clients that something is ‘Back in stock’ or ‘Now available for purchase’ make sure you are keeping these rapidly changing messages updated on your website and social media.
  • Add a physical sign on your store-front to direct people to specific pages on your website or social media for daily updates.
  • There are incredible opportunities with online ads with Google and Facebook, as many more expensive terms and strategies have less competition. You will be able to do much more for less with paid ads for now, especially with an intentional approach.
  • Experiment with video and live video; it’s a great time to keep building those relationships and reach out to friendly, familiar faces via video. Everyone is embracing this right now, so jump in.
  • Review any options you may have for offering your existing products or services in a new format such as subscriptions, pre-paid discounts, memberships, gift cards, home delivery, shipping; anything you haven’t previously tried.
  • Those of you with existing rewards programs in place, encourage anyone close to earning a reward or next level to make one last purchase to get there. Many people are stocking up on things and taking advantage of rewards right now.

Identify parts of your business that can be moved online to keep you viable

  • Create easy-to-understand, user-friendly forms on your website. Now is the time to transition in-person and manual processes online using secure forms. This is quick to implement.
  • E-commerce can be used in a number of ways that include selling products, services, subscriptions, e-learning, memberships, and more. Finding an e-commerce solution to implement now at the height of social distancing is something that will grow and change as your business does down the road. I can review the options that would work for you.
  • Set up online payments that give you and your customers a preferred option of collecting. Capturing a credit card online is more secure than giving out a credit card number verbally or letting someone write it down. It’s definitely better for social distancing than customers coming in with cash. This can get set up quite quickly. Just give me a call to talk through fast options.

Get help working remotely

  • If you haven’t checked out Zoom yet, it’s a great (and low cost) option for conference calls. Keep your meetings private and hackers out with these settings. Slack offers live video chats too.
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