Do you have multiple pages on your website with similar information? Why should people or search engines choose one page over another? It can be hard to decide and that is why you should avoid having multiple pages on your website with identical information featured on them. Make your content unique to have the biggest impact online. Be unique. Avoid duplicate content.

Search engine impact

When search engines look at your website content they are trying to find the best answer for a search so that they can display an appropriate result. So if your website has three pages with almost the same information on them, it is hard for the search engine to know which one to pick. This also matters if your content is almost the same as your competitors – why should the search engine pick your webpage over your competition? Make your content unique. Have reasons behind the content on the various pages of your website.

There will be some things that you might find on multiple pages of your website such as phone number, address, and references to your services or products, but make sure each page has a purpose.

Technical SEO tips

You want search engines to index the pages on your website, which is like putting them in their library of resources. To gain entry into the library your content needs to be relevant, helpful, and unique. You can gain authority online by having quality content that answers what people are searching for in search engines and what search engines are scanning for when then check your site! Don’t confuse search engines by having multiple pages with the same information. Clean up your URLs so that you don’t have old pages with the same information as your current website. Look at creating redirects or canonical.

This will help keep the roadmap clear. You’ll find more detailed technical information in this valuable article on duplicate content from Moz. I don’t want to repeat everything they are already saying because then I’d just be creating duplicate content, and we just talked about how that doesn’t help anyone!

‘In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” – Coco Chanel

Being unique is important in life and content. Don’t copy others or yourself. Take each day in stride and write each piece of content with a unique goal and purpose. Having unique content is one small piece of what you can do to improve your SEO (search engine optimisation). Take one step at a time.

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