The new Facebook, dubbed FB5 internally by the Facebook development team, is the largest Facebook update in five years. For a typical Facebook user, the FB5 changes include more white space and a simpler desktop view. There is also a ‘Dark Mode’ display preference. Among other changes, Facebook is putting a bigger emphasis on Groups. Let’s take a closer look at what’s new with Facebook in 2020 and what it means for marketers.

Facebook hashtags are back

Do you remember back in 2013, when Facebook introduced hashtags on their platform? This was shortly after Facebook bought Instagram and when hashtags were gaining momentum on Twitter. Hashtags never really took off on Facebook, and It didn’t take long for Facebook to drop them and for using hashtags to not be the thing to do on Facebook. Well, Facebook has a love/hate relationship with them apparently because now they are back. Facebook is saying that using hashtags can improve your organic reach and ‘contribute to a larger conversation’ and suggests adding them to the end of your posts.

Creator Studio

Creator Studio is a new and better version of publishing tools. The great thing about Facebook’s Creator Studio is that it is streamlined with Instagram, and even allows us to schedule or draft Instagram posts. You can also search published, scheduled, or drafted Facebook posts for images to use on Instagram. This makes Facebook/Instagram scheduling so streamlined, fast, and easy. Creator Studio also has a heavy emphasis on video, allowing up to 50 videos to be uploaded at once. Facebook stories can also be created through Creator Studio. There also seems to be better insights/analytics on individual posts to help you determine what’s resonating most with your audience. In Creator Studio, you can start typing a hashtag and see which ones are most popular, which can also give you ideas of which ones to use.

Online Events

Along with the pandemic has come many ideas and innovations for helping people be able to continue to communicate and do business safely. One change to Facebook Events is the addition of Paid Online Events (POE). Now when you click to create an event on Facebook, you can choose to create an online or in-person event. Online Events include video chat with messenger tools, broadcast with Facebook Live, or an external link that are either free or paid. If you choose to do a Paid Online Event, you set the price and guests purchase admission directly through Facebook. It appears that Facebook will charge a fee for this POE in 2021, but for the remainder of 2020, 100% of the revenue is kept by the host.

Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager is becoming a more important piece for Facebook page owners, especially those who use Facebook Ads. It helps to securely house all of your Facebook assets including your Facebook page and Instagram account, Facebook Ad account, Facebook pixel, and the people and partners that access those assets. Having a Facebook Business Manager set up helps to let Facebook know that you are a legit business, and provides additional security so that you never have to share your personal Facebook login to provide access to your assets with others. There are also more business-level ads reporting and options within Facebook Business Manager.

Facebook Business Suite

Along with all the changes above, Facebook has also started rolling out Facebook Business Suite. With the more streamlined integration between Facebook and Instagram, comes an easier way multiple pages, comments and messages. It is also said to have all the features of Creator Studio and maybe an eventual replacement for Facebook Pages Manager and Creator Studio. Not everyone has a Business Suite yet. Your Facebook Pages Manager App for iOS has might have updated to Business Suite, but may still not be available on your desktop.

Change is Certain

These are just some of the many changes that have occurred on Facebook and a quick overview of what’s new with Facebook in 2020. One thing is certain, and that is that Facebook will continue to make updates and changes to shake things up for us.

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