If you manage a business page on Facebook you may from time to time receive notifications from Facebook confirming your information. Many of these questions will be about information found within the About section on your Facebook page. Yes, these questions are legitimate when asked within the Facebook platform. If you get an email, always make sure it is from a reputable source to avoid phishing and spam messages.

What is asked?

Facebook may ask you to confirm things such as hours, price range, website, phone number, or even address. These are simply notifications that administrators of the Facebook page will receive. You can look at the information that Facebook has and sometimes it will have alternate information to review. You select what information is correct and should be displayed on your page, and reject any incorrect information.

The most common item that I’ve experienced Facebook confirming is hours of operation.

You’ll receive a notification within Facebook just like you may already receive notifications about comments to one of your posts, etc. This can look slightly different based on how you have your notification settings set, but these verification/questions are found in notifications.

Why does Facebook question this info?

Facebook wants to confirm that what is being displayed on your page is correct. Double-checking this information from time to time is a good idea. A good tip is to set a reminder in your calendar once a month to take 15 minutes and confirm that what you are displaying for contact information on your website, social media, and online listings is correct and consistent.

Verifications of this type of information are triggered within Facebook if alternate information is found elsewhere online – search engines and online platforms are constantly looking at what other information about your business is found online. When it doesn’t match consistently, it raises questions. If any of your information has changed recently, you may notice some double-checks from Facebook to make sure that the change is correct. Also, sometimes edit suggestions can be made and that information is taken into consideration. Facebook is checking with you to make sure what you are currently displaying is the best information.

Random tip – Hours updating

When updating your hours on your Facebook page, make sure to double-check that they’ve been saved. Facebook has been a bit glitchy lately with updating hours. Sometimes they save, sometimes they don’t, and I have to make the update a few times before it sticks. Also, take a look at the posts on your Facebook page after changing your hours. Lately, Facebook has been creating posts with every edit to your hours, which can create many random, unnecessary posts if you change your hours for every day of the week. This hasn’t been consistent, but something to watch if you’re making updates to your hours on your Facebook page.

In a nutshell

Pay attention to the notifications from Facebook on your Facebook page. You may need to confirm some information or make updates as needed.

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