Optimising content for your website is not a one-time job. Google often rolls out different search algorithms which affect different SEO factors. These will cause unavoidable impacts to the SEO of your site, so keeping up with Google algorithm updates are incredibly important!

When and why are these algorithm updates made?

Google implements new major updates usually about once or twice a month. There are also many minor updates that are made that may not have too big of an impact on your site’s SEO. Why are there so many algorithm updates? Not only does Google recognize that people’s online behaviour frequently changes, but that there are spammers and unnatural SEO practices that need to be watched. In order to keep up with them, Google needs to adapt and evolve with the users.

How Will This Affect My Site?

Some of these updates will have a strong impact on your site’s SEO, and some won’t make quite as big of a change. Each of these algorithm updates focuses on different SEO topics such as poor content quality, keyword stuffing, duplicate content, copyright infringements, poorly optimized pages, and the list goes on. Google will analyze these points on your website to see if your site’s SEO is up-to-date with the newest practices. If they are, great! Maybe your site rank will jump ahead of a competitor’s. If not, your search engine rank could drop.

Keeping up with these Google Algorithm changes will help you stay ahead of your competition and have a positive effect on your site’s traffic and user engagement.

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