Improve your website traffic today

There are things you can do to increase traffic to your website and help lay a solid foundation to build upon. Take steps you can implement now to improve website traffic. Every business and organization is different. Some of the items below may be things you already do, maybe they will work for you and maybe they won’t. You won’t know until you try. Move forward and try something new. If it doesn’t work, try something else.

10 ideas that support website traffic:

Get social

  • Be active on social media channels that make sense for your business
  • Create opportunities to link to your website

Create links

  • Create back-links from other reputable sites to yours
  • Create cross-links in social media sites
  • Create internal links between pages on your website

Advertise online

  • Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest
  • Try online advertising. It is often cost-effective with proven results

Use email marketing

  • Create a newsletter, share events and updates

Create online directory listings

  • Make sure they are correct and consistent
  • Start with Google My Business
  • Eliminate duplicates
  • Gain reviews

Pay attention to on-page SEO

  • Title tags, image alt text, meta description, internal links

Try blogging

  • Share news, stories and information
  • Offer to write guest posts or guest articles on other blogs or websites
  • Create content you can share

Understand trends

  • Use Google Analytics to determine results and actions
  • Understand your traffic, learn what pages are working and which ones need improvement
  • Is your site mobile responsive and fast loading?

Provide a reason to return

Do people have a reason to come back to your website? Give them a reason to come back. Provide updated content, help information, a sense of community etc.

Mention your website on everything

Brochures, print ads, trade show materials, email signature, on-hold music, company vehicle, signage, menu, etc.

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