To ensure the best possible outcome for your project it is essential we are on the same page to guarantee it will be successful.
For that reason, there are some conditions I require before we move forward and work together.

You have dreams and goals

To know when you have succeeded you will initially have to sit down and think about what your goals are for your website. I only work with businesses and individuals who have clear goals for their website.

You are passionate about your business

Being passionate about what you stand for as a business will help you get through those tough times and will give you that incentive to work that little bit harder. It will also make success taste even sweeter.

You have a budget

If you want to succeed, you understand that you will need to invest to get the best return of your money. I take pride in my work and do not take any shortcuts getting there. You need to decide at this early stage which is more important, the price of the project, or the value a successful website will bring to your business.

You can dedicate your time to me

If we decide to work together, I will insist on having your attention the majority of the time. There will be times when we will be speaking to each other on a regular basis. If it turns out I am waiting for weeks to hear back from you I will have to rethink how serious you are taking the project and possibly even cancel it.

If you have read all the above and are excited about possibly working together, then please contact me.