Aaron Balick web design project


Aaron is an Author, Media contributor, Speaker, and Psychotherapist in London.


  1. Design consultation with image selection and typography
  2. Responsive multi-page web design
  3. Mixed HTML/CSS and WordPress development with a custom theme, blog and social media feed
  4. jQuery
  5. SEO


Launched in 2016 on his provided web hosting service.
Aaron has an ongoing support agreement with me.

‘‘I would have no hesitation in recommending Thomas for your full-service web-design and creation needs. I have been using Thomas’ services for several years now as my web design needs have changed over time, and I have recommended him to dozens of colleagues, all of whom have reported back how satisfied they’ve been with his work. Thomas will take you from concept right through to completed project, with all your technical needs for hosting, domains, emails, etc. as well as design concept all taken care of in one package. He is a delight to work with and really ‘gets it’ drawing out what it is you want to build, and then actualising it with highly professional results. I can attest too that in the domain of web design ‘the customer is not always right’. I was very grateful to Thomas in guiding me towards simplicity in my web design in a way that ultimately did the job better than I had visualised it myself. He has a real skill for taking your vision, and making it right for the Internet, so trust him to do it! On top of it all, Thomas is highly responsive, efficient, timely, creative, and met my needs on the budget at a very reasonable cost. It goes without saying that he is also a gentleman and a delight to work with!’
Aaron Balick