I have a broad range of digital skills, and a transparent and highly personalised way of working that ensures every client gets the website they are looking for. I offer my clients all or any of the services below.

I also have a wide network of creatives across other disciplines such as copy writing, photography, filmmaking and illustration should my clients need more diverse support.


Each project begins with a detailed consultation, where I gain a clear understanding of the client’s audience, ambitions and challenges. I continue to work as closely with each client as suits them as I develop an online solution that perfectly expresses their aspirations.


With clear focus on delivering an excellent user experience, I design every detail of each client’s website – visual identity, colour schemes, typography, navigation and content layout – to express their brand’s unique personality, including, where required, social media activity. 


I hand-build each website, optimising it for the client’s specific functionality needs and intuitive visitor use. I use the modern, robust platform best suited to each client’s needs. This allows new functionalities to be easily added as a brand evolves.


For retail clients who sell products or services and process customers’ card payments, I can build everything needed to run a successful online business.


Many websites collect usage and personal data. I ensure all my clients’ are fully informed as to how the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) relates to their businesses, and can help with compliance if required.


I constantly update my detailed knowledge of how search engines work, and develop clients’ websites with them in mind, ensuring my clients’ brands enjoy the best visibility possible.


Having both studied and taught multimedia over six years, I am skilled in editing and optimising sound and video, and can embed both seamlessly in clients’ websites.


As an experienced graphic designer, I can design logos, business cards, brochures and other printed marketing materials that mirror and enhance clients’ online brand identities.


I offer a comprehensive support service, managing clients’ websites, emails, domains, web hosting and databases, including full monthly off-site back-up as required. For more details see my FAQ page.